How to submit a Course for the WIR Membership

We are thrilled that you would like to share your gifts and skills with our Membership. Below are some guidelines to review to see if your Course would be a good fit.

  1. Willing to provide your Course for FREE to our members. The Course can also be posted in the public viewing a-la-carte section for a monetary value but the earnings will be donated back to WIR. Alternately, the course can be kept only in the Member section.
  2. Does not promote a certain political or religious ideology. We are looking for Courses that will be beneficial to all Women of different political and religious views.
  3. Think ways to work rhythm into the body whether through movement, voice, hands, feet or other methods you may know.

Provide the following for posting your course:

  1. Titles - Digital document (pdf or Word file) containing the Name of Course, subtitle of Course, description of your Course-What people will get out of it. Your name, and your bio. Thumbnail image for the Course and background image for the Course info page
  2. Video files of the Course. It is best to break your course up into manageable 10 min sections for students. With Videos that are 3 to 10 min long. Please name each video with the Section # as well as any supplement worksheets and your typed out Section instructions.
  3. Typed info - Digital document (pdf or Word file). This could be supplemental worksheets attached as a pdf. Or typed out instructions we need to place in your Course as instructions for your students. Please name each file with the Section #. (Example: You are doing a yoga course. For Section 1 you are doing a warm up. You will provide us with a Video titled "S1-Warmup", and a Word file titled "S1-instructions" This file may may give instructions to the student prior to watching the video and is basically telling them what they are about to view and how they should act on the information in the video. This info will be posted above your video. This is the bare minimum required for your course. Additionally, you make like to provide a pdf of supplemental material like a chart of the different poses used in the video. You would title it "S1-poses-worksheet" and it will be posted in this section as a downloadable file.)
  4. Licenseing file - Any music used in your videos must be royalty free. You must submit your music licenses in a file with the title of each song used, followed by the licensing info.

All files should be submitted on a Jump/Flash drive (will be returned to you). We will not accept files sent through email, as it is easier to scan for corrupt files this way.